Saturday, January 21, 2017


This momentous weekend in our  nation with the inauguration of President Trump on Saturday, January 20, 2017 and the millions of women who marched in our capitol and major cities nation and world wide is drawing to a close as I write this.  Did my hopes and dreams become the reality this  weekend? No, the dream of placing a new Governance in our nations' capitol based on the governance of Councils of Light in place at all levels of Planetary, Solar and Galactic was unfulfilled. Nevertheless,  in the future this dream shall materialize since it will harmonize/ complement the unfolding spirituality of the souls who reside in our nation.  Like attracts Like is the reason. 
Today my senses of sound, sight were on over load when I viewed the Marchers descending early this morning on the mall of the capitol.  Wearing pink hats and carrying pink banners or placards, they kept coming and coming.  Much to  the amazement of all the organizers of the March, there were millions in the capitol, in other major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Boston , and even in small communities such as mine expressing their unique voice. Yes, some spoke from anger, some from frustration, some from deep aspirations that needed to be spoken. Yet, this  tremendous outpouring, demonstration with very little disturbances made my heart soar.  Where else could this happen on the planet? It gave a chance for other nations to show solidarity to hold their Marches in England, in South Africa, and New Zealand.  The grassroots across the globe wish to be heard and their ideas considered and incorporated in the fabric of their nation.  
At some point today, I came across a email called The Restored Republic2. I perked up as one of the pressing issues in my heart and soul was who are the controllers of the new President. this email stated that for the first time in decades, the shadow government was no where in sight.  Now the government based in D. C. is no longer a corporate entity. Instead there is a Restored Republic as of this new leadership takes office.  This is a magnificent coup that came with the inauguration of President Trump.  Now there is a distinct separation from those known as the cabal, the Illuminati who were pulling the strings behind the scenes no matter who was elected. Another piece of  good news is that although the NESARA  Law1 has not been officially and publicly announced to the nation, many of the points of the NESARA law are to be incorporated.  As for me and my house, I am very happy to learn this and will keep a watchful eye for the unfoldment of these benefits to our citizens. Globally this Law is known as GESARA. My suggestion is to study and learn about NESARA using the link below. As the sun begins to set on this momentous day, I leave you with the miracle of the many who are the Ascended Masters and Galactic brothers and sisters, our Beloved Father Mother God, the Great Archangels  and the Golden Ones (see the post below) who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring us the Restored Republic, the benefits of NESARA Law or in other nations, GESARA. I wish to honor and thank the Chinese Elders of the White Dragon Society and their beloved Elder, Grandfather who are literally keeping our boat afloat meaning infusing our Treasury with gold that without their help we would be bailing out a sinking boat.  We will look back at this weekend as a benchmark of the greatest testament of the unwavering Grace and Mercy that has been shown to us from the Lighted Realms. Now it is our turn to step up to the plate and take leadership positions in our home town, county, state and national level.  It only takes a few good people to  leaven the bread of doing business as usual. We cannot afford to go home to our hamlets, towns and cities and forgot about this day.  May it be the Impetus for the Winds of Change in our governance to lift you as Eagles and to soar with confidence and uplifted chin that We are the Change that we have been looking for.                                     
           1http://FOURWINDS10,COM-NESARA LINKS

The Golden Ones - September 13, 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

NEW GOVERNANCE ON GAIA: By What Authority..............

NEW GOVERNANCE ON GAIA: By What Authority..............:                                                                                   By What Authority…………           You ask by what au...

By What Authority..............

                                                                                  By What Authority…………

          You ask by what authority does a woman or man step up to the plate and become the highest leadership in a nation’s governance?  The answer is a spiritual one. Yes, each of us is a spiritual being having a human experience.1  Common spiritual sense makes it plausible to have a government based on spirituality, Cosmic law and the direct input from Mother Gaia regarding the use of the natural resources within the borders of that nation.  Her authority comes because the planet is her body and 
She is the final word on the use of the natural resources. 
Therefore, the leader would be first and foremost bearing the Christ Consciousness, thoroughly trained on this planet and other star systems in governance, as well as having a plethora of gifts and abilities to hear on other dimension (clairaudience), to see (clairvoyant) and to know or perceive (clairsentient).
          This new form of governance would be modeled on the governing style found at the level of our planetary government, solar government and galactic government. 
The council members would convene around a round table much the indigenous tribal nations convene their councils. In a circle no one person is greater, no one person is lower or above the other. The council table would have a facilitator who is often called the Logos, i.e. planetary logos, solar logos etc.  This word whose root comes from the Greek language personifies Divine wisdom and Divine will expressed through the spoken word.  The facilitator would be cognizant of counsel and higher wisdom from those inner council tables aforementioned but also from the Council Table in the Hollow Earth known as Agartha.
          Each  council member (12) would be a cross representation of the nation in ethnicity gender, geographic location as well as having a specialty/comprehension in one of these areas: scientific/technology, healing modalities (wholistic), ecology (greening of our planet)and a new education models that speak to the new kids on the block, the Crystal and Rainbow  children.
          Not only will they come with these gifts and abilities but also each and everyone will be speaking and making decisions in the ZONE. This is the rich and fertile ground directly coming from the Mind of God, your own Mighty I Am Presence in the 11th dimension or vibration.
          In these exciting days ahead, new communication/technology gifted to us by the Galactic Federation technician and scientists will bring a new communication ability to connect from the Council Table to grassroots groups far and wide.   The grassroots ideas and special needs will be heard and included in the council table’s discussion and decisions for the highest and best.  In nations that are large and their citizens are sprawled out to the fringes, this communication technology will connect them in the loop of decision-making, enfranchisement, and power sharing.
          Mother Gaia will personally bring to the Council Table her wisdom as well as her Council Table’s desires regarding the natural resources.  Her ideas and desires will be considered top priority. It is her desire to build a cadre of Stewards and Stewardesses of the planet’s natural resources as well as Mother Gaia’s children, the whales, dolphins and seals, the 4-legged ones, and the birds of the air. 
          The use of the land for giant agricultural commercial farms will phase out and be replaced by family and community farms where no GMO seeds will be used or sprays, and harmful fertilizers. Instead the smaller family and community farms will be a source of fresh vegetables that the grower can proudly serve to the family with all the goodness intact. This food will have the signature of the land where it is grown and the minerals each member of the family needs.  The water will feed the plants minerals carried down from the mountains through the rivers and streams. Great assistance will be available from the Nature Beings;gnomes, fairies, elves, undine, salamanders, sylphs and zephers.
          As I write this in August, I am reminded of the many people in Central and South America celebrate with a ceremony of gratitude for the gifts from Pachamamma, their name for Mother Gaia.  I tuned in to a celebration and I wish you could see the how the gnomes, elves and fairies are dressed in their very best outfits and are wearing leis and garlands of flowers in honor of Pachamamma.
          From the community, to the state or region, to the national level, the camaraderie and friendship with the nature beings, the brothers and sisters of good will from the Galactic Federation of Light as well as the Ascended Masters, our elder brothers and sisters, will all help usher in this new form of governance/ this new way of living.  The Galactics are bringing gifts of new technology, new healing modalities, new building techniques, faster travel (think traveling the friendly skies with them­), free energy for home and schools. The Masters come with arms outstretched to befriend us, to enlighten us, to impart higher knowledge and wisdom that will elevate us, allow us to leap in consciousness to be God free Sovereign citizens that we are meant to be. VICTORY IS OURS! Claim it and demonstrate it!!

Written by Maureen O’Connell

Permission is given to send this to your network of friends and family as long as credit is given where due and the  entire article is  sent intact.  Any other usage in printed  or electronic e- books  must be formerly requested beforehand. Contact me at

1Williamson, Marianne, The Healing of America

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Recreating the Council of Light on Earth

Dear viewers, I selected this article giving credit to  Bob Fickes as it resonantes with me.  I love the mantra at the end of the article.  I hope you do, too.

For many years I have known that there are many masters living normal lives in the world and have forgotten who they really are. Sananda and Sanat Kumara visited me in 1985 and told me to find these great souls and help them to reawaken their Inner Master so that we could reestablish the Council of Light here on Earth. I tried to create this Council of Light many times over the past thirty years but it was never successful. I knew that the masters were here, but most people could not understand that their outer life in the world was only one part of who they really were. They couldn’t believe that there was a Master inside of them that was already trained to do amazing work for the good of planet Earth. They all feel, “I am so normal. I am not Enlightened yet and this vision seems so far away. How is it possible that I am one of those Masters who will transform this world into Ascension and Enlightenment?”
Now many of you are waking up and the Inner Master is stirring your consciousness to break through your mundane life and emerge with all of your true radiance and full potential. The life you live in this world is only a portion of who you really are. But somewhere deep inside of you, you are feeling that there is something you must do for the world. You know you have a gift to offer to this world, but can’t remember how to bring it out. You can no longer delay your Enlightenment. When we separated after Lemuria we promised to wait until the time was right for the global consciousness to be lifted into enlightenment. Only when the world was ready for Enlightenment could we remember that we are one of those Masters who are here to help. We have waited so long for this to happen that we forgot who we really are. Now is the time to allow your Inner Master to wake up and emerge. It will change your life!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Upcoming Spring 2018

I feel hopeful that two major things are about to blossom on the world scene- new free energy technology has just been released by the M. T. Keshe Foundation in Taiwan.  This is going to level the playing field and all of the oil and gas conflicts world wide will be taking a back seat.  When those who are the inventors and entrepreneurs grab the torch and make these devices available to everyone, there will be no need to jostle for the oil and gas fields-this action will be relegated to the Age of the Dinosaurs.  The second major development is the reevaluation of money worldwide, the new money that will be backed by gold and precious metal as well as the release of prosperity funds .  This  will be the seed money for many to co-create a New Earth and manifest their dreams to bring  new ways of producing food-more local than corporate-new ways to heal our environment, new healing modalities that are body-friendly.  Lastly and most importantly, this coming spring will be our time  to greet and meet our brothers and sisters from the Star Nations that are here to assist us as well as those who live and dwell in the inner earth who are very anxious to meet us top side.  So open your mind and heart, this Spring is going to be quite a ride.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

                      My thoughts on Christmas Day

A few days ago while driving in traffic I noticed a new bumper sticker, actually it was a rear window sticker, which read "Large governments make small citizens." I thought about that several times and I share my thoughts and visions for the New Governance. "It is an Entity that would be the least intrusive in the affairs of its citizens yet hold the perfect structure to allow creativity to thrive in the lives of the citizens."  This would be a new paradigm that allows each person that calls themselves a citizen to be responsible for their own actions, their own creations, their own choices as long as it harms no one else or our Mother Gaia (our planet).We do not wait for edicts, regulations, enactments, for we are the Creators of what we want to see in our nation, our state, our county and our town.  There is no need for a large police force, or other types of  enforcements, for we as Citizens know in our heart what is right and wrong.  We are the Magnanimous Ones living in Unity with our brothers and sisters, side by side, regardless of their beliefs, ways of worship, customs or inclinations.  We are the Big Citizens enjoying the fruits of our labor, our dreams and our creativity cradled by the smallest form of government that supports and allows us to spread our wings.